Get help dealing with police

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Get help dealing with police

Call us for free information about the law and how we can help you with your legal problem.

If we can’t help, we can refer you to other organisations that can.

Our other free legal services include:

For some matters we can provide you with a lawyer to help you run your case.

Other organisations that can help

Legal services

Your local community legal centre can give you legal information and advice. Most services are free.

The Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service provides legal advice and assistance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. If you are Koori and taken into custody, the police must tell Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service within an hour. You will get support and advice from one of their client services officers. They also have a 24-hour service.

You can also find a private lawyer near you through the Law Institute of Victoria’s Legal Referral Service. All law firms included in the Legal Referral Service provide a free 30-minute interview. You can use this interview to understand more about the legal issue and discuss the available options and how much they will cost. Note that the free interview is not 30 minutes of free legal advice. 

Other services

If you have a cognitive disability the Office of the Public Advocate can provide an Independent Third Person to be with you at the police station while you are interviewed or during procedures such as the police taking body samples.


See Complaints about police for organisations that can help you make a complaint if you feel you have not been treated fairly by the police.

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