Family Advocacy and Support Services – Kim’s experience

Family Advocacy and Support Services – Kim’s experience

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Note – real names and identifying information have been removed.

Kim came to court with a family law problem. She had an interim family court order in place. This meant that she could remain in the former matrimonial home with their children, while her husband was to pay costs associated with the house.

She had separated from her husband because of family violence. A family violence intervention order issued in the state-based Magistrates’ Court also meant that he was not allowed near the family home.

Her husband hadn’t made any payments, so a utility company was set to cut off services and the bank had also threatened to sell the home.

This is when Kim sought help from the Family Advocacy and Support Services (FASS), now available at the Family Law Registry in Melbourne and Dandenong.

More than legal help

The FASS duty lawyer helped Kim to apply to the court to enforce the interim family court order. This application to the court would take some weeks to be considered, however.

Kim was also able to speak with the specialist family violence support worker, now present at the court.

The support worker spoke with the utility company on her behalf, so she didn’t have to worry about services being cut off, and arranged an extension on the mortgage repayments.

The support worker also outlined other support options available to Kim, as well as ways of keeping safe.    

Safe and no longer struggling alone

Kim said that she now feels so much better because she is no longer living in fear that she and the children will be forced out of their home.

She said that getting this immediate support at the court took the edge off her concerns. She feels that she will no longer have to struggle on her own.

Kim would not have known about these supports had she not been referred to FASS. 

This service has been established by Victoria Legal Aid with funding from the Australian Government.

How we can help

Find out how we can help if you are involved in family law proceedings and have experienced, used or are alleged to have used family violence.

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