Terms of use for ATLAS

Terms of use for ATLAS

The following terms of use are contractually binding for all service providers and are to be read in conjunction with the VLA Handbook for lawyers.



ATLAS: Victoria Legal Aid’s web-based system for lodging electronic applications for legal assistance, extensions and invoices.

Administrator: A service provider who is responsible for the administration of ATLAS in each office.

Service provider: Natural persons and incorporated entities who use ATLAS. This includes legal practitioners and private legal practitioners as referred to in the VLA Handbook for lawyers.

Office: Each separate, physical address for a service provider.


A service provider must:

  • submit all documentation using ATLAS except as directed by Victorial Legal Aid
  • comply with all requirements of any ATLAS user guide/manual
  • acknowledge that their online activities may be tracked, identified and monitored by Victoria Legal Aid.


An on-site administrator must:

  • be appointed to each office
  • be responsible for:
    • setting and re-setting passwords and user names
    • maintaining contact and payment details (including banking details) as set out under the ‘Update Office’ tab.

A service provider must notify Victoria Legal Aid in writing of any change in administrator.

A service provider is responsible and liable for the actions or omissions of its administrator/s.


An administrator must create passwords that have at least:

  • eight characters 
  • one number
  • one lower case letter
  • one upper case letter.

Passwords should not contain more than two sequentially repeating characters.

Administrators must also:

  • keep passwords and other access codes confidential
  • inform all service providers in an office to keep their password confidential
  • change passwords every 42 days.

An administrator must not:

  • insert passwords into email messages or other forms of written communications
  • enable a browser to auto-save passwords
  • use ATLAS passwords for any other accounts.

Electronic protection of files

A service provider must:

  • ensure all anti-virus, firewall and spyware protection on equipment used for ATLAS is operational and kept up to date
  • only access ATLAS from the service provider’s equipment and log-off immediately after use
  • immediately change a password if it suspects or it is known that a password is no longer confidential
  • immediately notify Victoria Legal Aid if it suspects that any unauthorised person may have gained access to ATLAS
  • take all necessary steps to prevent unauthorised access to ATLAS
  • immediately deactivate the ATLAS account of any person who ceases employment.

Record keeping

A service provider must:

  • retain all documents submitted via ATLAS for a period of three years
  • keep all documents easily accessible to Victoria Legal Aid’s compliance or audit officers.


Service providers must agree to indemnify Victoria Legal Aid for any loss or damage arising out of a breach of these terms and conditions.

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