The mixed model of service delivery

The mixed model of service delivery

The ‘mixed service model’ is how we deliver a wide range of legal information, advice and assistance services to the Victorian community, focusing on those people who are most disadvantaged and in need. It ensures the effective provision of legal assistance, and the ability to mobilise resources to deliver legal assistance.

Under the Legal Aid Act 1978 (Vic), we coordinate the provision of these services by paying private solicitors and barristers, administering funding to community legal centres, and delivering services through our own staff practice.

We have produced this position statement to articulate the strengths of the mixed service model that has evolved to deliver services to Victorians in legal need. It articulates how and why we utilize a mixed service model in delivering legal assistance and to identifies key success factors and challenges for the future. The statement has benefitted from wide consultation and review by our Collaborative Planning Committee.

We are facing increasing demand in an environment of potential funding scarcity as a result of COVID-19-driven pressure on public sector budgets. These pressures, our responsibility for coordinating legal assistance, and our desire to constantly improve services to those in need are the genesis of this statement. We will use it to guide future decisions about how we, in collaboration with our partners and stakeholders, shapes the mixed service model to respond to current and future challenges.

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Read the full Mixed model position statement (docx, 188.97 KB).

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