Case study: compliance with funding guidelines

Case study: compliance with funding guidelines

This case study shows how we work with private practitioners to ensure compliance with our funding guidelines so that grants of legal assistance are given to those most in need.

Case study

During compliance of a firm with a historically high non-compliance rate, we found that breach and restitution notices we had issued to that firm were mostly due to the performance of one particular practitioner.

We contacted one of the partners at the firm to discuss the issue and possible approaches to resolve it that would benefit both the firm and Victoria Legal Aid.

The solution we agreed to and implemented was that a partner at the firm would countersign recommendations for legal assistance made by the practitioner via the simplified grants process (SGP) for six months.

Through this solution, we benefit because the practitioner correctly applies the funding guidelines and helps us meet our statutory objective to provide legal aid in the most effective, economic and efficient manner.

The individual practitioner benefits by working closely with their principal to improve their knowledge and understanding of our funding guidelines, merits tests and documentary requirements, and reduce the likelihood that breach notices will be issued against their employer.

The firm benefits from the collaboration by reducing the risk of receiving further breach notices and incurring financial penalties, and seeing their compliance improve.

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