Increasing maximum limit for interpreter disbursement due to COVID-19

Increasing maximum limit for interpreter disbursement due to COVID-19

Under a grant of legal assistance we pay all reasonable interpreter fees for face-to-face consultations with the client and a witness who is to give evidence (if the court does not provide an interpreter). Interpreter fees are distinguished from translation fees which require a specific grant.

The interpreter disbursement automatically becomes available on a grant of legal assistance when you select the ‘interpreter required’ check box in the application. Where interpreter fees are incurred and claimed that exceed the maximum limit, you currently need to apply for an extension and VLA would manually adjust the grant to add the extension. This will not change, however, we want to make these fees easier to claim and so backdated to 1 October 2020, the maximum limit for the interpreter disbursement is being raised from $600 (incl GST) to $2,200 (incl GST). If this limit is exceeded, you can still apply for an extension as needed. 

This change is part of the Grants and Quality Assurance teams efforts to improve efficiency and automation for grants of legal aid. It should be noted the increased limit will also be applied to any existing and approved open grants. You will need to continue to keep proof of interpreter fees claimed on file which we can check.

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If you have any questions about this change, please call Grants and Quality Assurance on (03) 9269 0600.


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