Apply for panel membership

Apply for panel membership

Step 1

Read the application form for the panel you are applying for and consider whether you are eligible for membership.

Step 2

If your firm is not already registered for our panels, complete the Panels firm registration form (pdf, 220.03 KB) or the accessible Word version (106.59 KB). Firms only need to register once, for all Panels.

Step 3

Complete the individual certifier application form for the panel you are applying for:

Only Individual Certifiers may apply for grants of aid. The Individual Certifier has carriage of the matter, even if other lawyers at the firm do work on it.

Step 4

Send your completed forms by email to, along with any supporting documents.

What happens next?

We aim to process your application within eight weeks. We will let you know if there is any delay in assessing your application. You can contact the Panels Coordinator at any time for an update.

We assess applications based on all the information you provide, our knowledge of you as a practitioner, and information from internal and publicly available records.

If we approve your application, we will send you an agreement. You must sign and return the agreement to VLA before you can take on legal aid matters.

If we intend to refuse your application, we will notify you and allow you to respond and provide more information before a decision is made. We will provide written reasons if we decide to refuse your application.

We do not offer a review of our decision. If your application is refused, you may reapply to the same panel after six months.


If you have any questions about our panels or the application process, contact the Panels Coordinator at or on (03) 9606 5264.

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