Section 29A panels application form

Section 29A panels application form

Complete this form if you are a private law practice seeking inclusion on any of Victoria Legal Aid’s section 29A  practitioner panels.

You should familiarise yourself with the Section 29A panels firm entry requirements before completing this form, as that document contains important information about how Victoria Legal Aid will assess whether a firm meets the entry requirements.

Part 1 – Firm details

Firm identification

Provide details to help us identify the firm in our records. Firms must be a member of the section 30 general referral panel and must register for ATLAS before submitting this form.

Part 2 – Application details

Contact for this application

Provide details for a direct contact person who can authorise this application and handle any queries about the application on behalf of the firm.

Panel membership

Provide details of the types of legally aided work the firm is interested in undertaking.

Part 3 – Entry requirements

The firm must demonstrate or provide further information about its capacity to meet any of these requirements, if requested. See the Section 29A panels firm entry requirements for information about how the requirements are assessed. The number of the entry requirement relevant to each question is included in parenthesis at the end of the question.

Case management (1)

Supervision (2)

Skip to requirement Conflict (3) if the firm is applying solely for membership of the Independent Children's Lawyer Panel.

Conflict (3)

Client care (4)

Accredited Specialist (5)

This requirement only applies to firms seeking inclusion on the Indictable Crime Panel. If the firm is not seeking inclusion on the Indictable Crime Panel, skip to Part 4 – Declaration.

Part 4 – Declaration

In submitting this application to Victoria Legal Aid you acknowledge that all information disclosed is true, that you have read and understand your rights and obligations arising from the entry requirements and that you understand that Victoria Legal Aid will check internal and publicly available records to verify the information you provided or requested as part of the application process. You also give authority to the person named as contact for the application at question 3 to act as Victoria Legal Aid's point of contact for the application process.

Furthermore, in submitting this form you authorise Victoria Legal Aid to place all materials submitted as part of the applications process before a designated Panel Selection Committee.

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