Priority client framework review

Priority client framework review

Directing services to people who need them most 

We are reviewing our priority client framework, which is considered in determining eligibility for legal aid services. As a result of feedback and a review of legal needs research, we have drafted a new priority and capability policy. 

Draft priority and capability policy

This new draft policy makes significant changes to the way we consider people’s circumstances and ability to address their legal issues to target our services to those who need them most. The creation of new priority groups and tiered categories of priority reflects our findings that there are different levels of legal need within priority groups. Legal capability has been introduced in addition to priority categories to allow a more individualised approach and better understand who most needs assistance. 

It is intended that this policy will guide eligibility guidelines and be considered when we design new service approaches. It will apply to legal services provided through our internal staff practice and through our partners in private practice and community legal centres under grants of legal aid. 


We want to hear your input on the draft policy.  

We are asking for comments and feedback on the draft policy by email to by 30 August 2018. 

The draft policy may be revised following further consultation and feedback before being submitted for approval later this year. 

More information

For queries about the review, please email

Read more about Who is eligible for help.

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