Street law (education kit)

Street law (education kit)

August 2019
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About the education kit

This is a legal education kit for teachers, youth workers and other educators to help young people better understand their rights when dealing with police and protective services officers (PSOs) in Victoria.

The program covers the following topics:

  • giving your name and address
  • being found drunk in public
  • orders to move on and stay away
  • weapons searches
  • searches on public transport.

The education kit is based on a series of videos that tell a real or imagined story about a young person who comes across a police officer or a PSO on the street.

The Street Law videos and teaching resources were originally produced by Youthlaw in collaboration with young people from Youthworx Media. We thank Youthlaw for allowing Victoria Legal Aid to adapt and republish those resources as part of this education kit.

Download the teaching resource

This resource is designed to be used in combination with Street Law video content. It contains session plans, activities, model answers and links to legal information web pages for each topic.

Download the Street Law (education kit) - teaching resource (docx, 3.42 MB)

Order the Street law wallet card.

Watch the videos

To order DVD copies of the videos, contact the Community Legal Education team.

Contact Community Legal Education

Our Community Legal Education team is available to support you in delivering the Street Law program. Contact us for more information about the program or to order DVD copies of the videos.

Community Legal Education
Phone: (03) 9269 0234 and ask for Community Legal Education

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