Panels conditions

Panels conditions

These schedules set out the terms and conditions of panel membership for both firms and Individual Certifiers. Practitioners are also required to meet our practice standards, compliance and quality audits.

Download the schedules of the panel deeds

Firm and independent children's lawyer panel membe​rs

The following schedules regulate the terms and conditions of panel membership:

These terms and conditions also apply to applicants who have been offered interim inclusion on any panel while their application is being assessed.

Firms must also continue to meet the firm entry requirements for their full membership period.

Individual panel certifiers

During the term of an individual panel certifier’s approval period or while offered interim panel certifier status, the panel certifier must continue to meet the relevant section 29A panel individual entry requirements and must comply with:


If you would like more information, please contact:

Panels Co-ordinator
Phone: (03) 9606 5264

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