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Your day in court

Published 2020-01-15

About this booklet

This free booklet has information about going to the Magistrates’ Court if you have been charged with a criminal offence. It has information about:

  • the criminal court system
  • finding a lawyer
  • what you should do once you have been charged
  • what happens at court
  • what happens if you plead guilty or not guilty
  • what to say to the magistrate
  • what happens after court
  • where to get help.

Update to this booklet

This update is in addition to the information on page 18 about going to court.

You will be screened and may be searched when you go to court. Do not bring anything into court that may be used as a weapon, such as a pocket-knife, fork, or other sharp object. Check your pockets and bag before you enter. If you carry something that could be used as a weapon into court, you could be charged and face serious penalties. If you are on bail this may also breach your bail conditions.

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Reviewed 25 March 2024