Victims of crime

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Victims of crime

A victim of crime is someone who has suffered physical, psychological or emotional injury, or financial loss because of a crime, such as:

  • robbery
  • violent attack
  • family violence
  • sexual assault.

It may also include a person who has witnessed a crime or a family member of a person who was injured or killed.

Reporting a crime

If you are a victim of crime, you can report the crime to police. If you are in danger, call the police on 000 immediately or go to the police station.

You can also contact the Victims of Crime Helpline on 1800 819 817 to talk about your options.

Once a crime is reported, the police will investigate. You will be asked to make a statement.

If charges are laid

If the person who committed the crime (the offender) is charged with an offence,  you may have to:


As a victim of crime, you may be able to get financial assistance from the Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal or compensation from the offender. See Financial assistance and compensation.

Victims of crime have rights

Victoria has a Victims’ Charter that sets out how you should be treated by everyone handling your  case. This includes police, the courts, the Office of Public Prosecutions and victim support agencies. If you believe that an organisation has not followed the  charter, you can make a complaint to the Victims of Crime Commissioner.

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