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Settled and Safe training package

Published 2022-03-03

About Settled and Safe

Settled and Safe is a project that aims to prevent family violence in newly emerging culturally and linguistically diverse communities. The project aims to do this by growing people’s knowledge of family violence, family law and child protection.

Family violence is an issue for everyone. We can experience family violence no matter our race, religion, ethnicity, culture, age or sexual orientation. We can also experience family violence no matter how much education or money we have.

We understand that the law is different in different countries and cultures. In Settled and Safe, we consider and talk about these differences.

Short video

Watch our short video on YouTube to learn more about Settled and SafeExternal Link .

Settled and Safe has two programs

Settled and Safe is made up of two programs:

  1. settlement worker training program
  2. information sharing program.

Settlement worker training program

This training aims to improve settlement workers’ knowledge of the laws and legal processes for resolving family matters. The program also covers how newly emerging communities can access legal help and services.

Settlement workers must complete this training before they can deliver the information sharing program. The training takes two days.

Information sharing program

This program aims to improve how people from emerging communities understand Victorian and Australian laws about families, family violence and child protection.

We deliver this program in partnership with settlement workers who have completed the settlement worker training.

Community stories are a key part of how we deliver legal information in Settled and Safe. We work with people from newly emerging communities to develop and write stories that are culturally relevant and suitable.

Training package

We have created this training package to support legal service providers and organisations to deliver legal information to newly emerging communities:

Program review

We will review these training packages in 2022. Please contact us if you are interested in these sessions.

More information

Email our team at or call (03) 9269 0234 and ask for Community Legal Education.

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Reviewed 27 June 2022