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Safe at home: what can I do about family violence? (Arabic)

Published 2018-01-01

This free booklet is for people who are experiencing family violence. It has information about steps you can take to make sure you and your children are safe in your family and where to get help.

This booklet is also available in Chinese and Vietnamese.

More information about how to get help in Arabic/عربي.

Correction to this booklet

This booklet has an error. It says that a magistrate cannot exclude someone from your home unless you agree. However, a magistrate can order the person who used family violence (called 'the respondent') to stay away from your home. A magistrate can make this order if it is needed to keep you safe, even if it is not what you want. The magistrate's decision will depend on your cirumstances.

If you need advice, visit our webpage Other support for violence, abuse and personal safety.

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Reviewed 08 June 2023