Get help with fines and infringements

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Get help with fines and infringements

Call us for free information about the law and how we can help you with your legal problem.

If we can’t help, we can refer you to other organisations that can.

Our free legal services include:

For some matters we can provide you with a lawyer to help you run your case.

Fine ​fixer​

Moonee Valley Legal Service and RMIT have created FineFixer, an online tool that offers a free and fast way for people with fines to identify and understand their options. 

Other organisations that can help


The contact details of the agency that issued your fine depend on the type of fine you have and how far it has progressed in the infringements process.

Fines Victoria

The Director of Fines Victoria is responsible for processing and enforcing fines issued by various government agencies and authorities within Victoria. They also process and enforce fines issued by courts after they have been registered. 

The Fines Victoria website has information to help you decide what to do after you get a fine. You can ask them for a payment arrangement, or to conduct an enforcement review if there are special circumstances that apply to you. Visit the Fines Victoria website to find out how many infringements and court fines have been registered with them. 

Fines Victoria also manage the Family Violence Scheme. 

Legal services

Your local community legal centre may be able to give you legal information and advice. Most services are free.


You can take your infringement matter to the Magistrates' Court or the Children’s Court of Victoria, if you are under 18 years of age.

If Fines Victoria reviews your fine and decides that you had special circumstances at the time you were fined they will cancel the enforcement of your fine. The agency that fined you may then decide to charge you for the offence. If this happens you may be referred to court. 

Find out more about how you can deal with your fine if you have special circumstances.

Other services

You can contact VicRoads about demerit points.

Try not to get any more fines for not having a valid myki. If you have a significant permanent disability you may be able to get an Access Travel Pass from Public Transport Victoria. It lets you travel on public transport for free.

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