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Child Protection Legal Aid Services Review

We are undertaking a review of child protection legal aid services to identify improvements will help us create a way of better supporting vulnerable families and achieve better outcomes.

We have completed a review our child protection services. The 36 actions we have committed to are aimed at Victorian children, young people, parents and carers benefitting from legal help that is more effective, high quality and as widely available as possible.

Release of our final report

The report should be read jointly with the Child Protection Legal Aid Services Review – Consultation and options paper (docx, 6.2 MB) and the Child Protection Legal Aid Services Review – Environmental scan (docx, 738 KB)

The actions we have committed to in this final report follow an extensive review of child protection legal services and consultation with others who work in child protection, and with young people, parents and carers.

What the review looked at

The objective of the review was to identify improvements to our child protection services, with a focus on:

  • timely and appropriate service delivery
  • better supporting children, especially children at risk of long-term disadvantage
  • greater consistency of service delivery across Victoria
  • improving the quality of services.

The review looked primarily at the path a client follows in the child protection system, at how services provided at various stages can be improved, and where service gaps may need to be filled.

As part of this, we also looked at the impact of family violence on child protection, and at the effectiveness of the current service model for particularly vulnerable clients.

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Reviewed 18 May 2022

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