Get help online with Legal Help Chat

Get help online with Legal Help Chat

Legal Help Chat is our online live chat service that can help with your legal questions. It is the fastest way to get help from us. 

Through Legal Help Chat, we can give you general legal information and connect you with other organisations that can help. 

We do not arrange appointments or give specific legal advice through Legal Help Chat. 

If staff are available, a chat window will appear on this page and at the bottom of our website between 8 am and 6 pm, Monday to Friday.

If the chat isn’t available, you might try our find legal answers page. We have hundreds of free resources to answer common legal questions. 

If you are from an organisation, please contact the office in your local area.  

How does it work?

Legal Help Chat is run by our qualified legal help staff. When you start a chat, we will ask for details about you and your legal question. We can give you general information to help with your question or refer you to another organisation that can help. 

If you need help with a specific problem, you may need more tailored advice from a lawyer, which we can identify during the chat, and help you get it. This may mean asking you to call our free Legal Help phone line, or we will arrange for someone to contact you.

There are some legal problems we don’t give advice about. If you call or start a chat about one of these matters, we will send you some general information or refer you to another organisation that can help.

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